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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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Project Management - Project Description

This section details the main information about the WBL 2.0 project

The economic crisis that affects all European countries had a strong impact on the already existing "skills gap" in the EU labor market. While 5.6 million young people (36%) is in unemployment situation, the 36% of employers' report that they need to find new recruits with the skills they need.

Within this context the following common challenges and related needs to be addressed are identified:
  • VET providers need to ameliorate the cooperation between them and companies to provide a market oriented training offer
  • VET providers needs to provide VET students with enhanced Work Based Learning methods and tools to prevent demotivation of the trainees due to the lack of practical application of what they learn in a real business environment
  • Apprenticeships lack in effectiveness for the trainees as often they do not provide an international dimension which at the contrary is a key issue for the qualification of web design and social media management within a globalized market.
In order to answer to these needs the project aims to:
  • Improve the cooperation between VET providers and companies and enhance the participation of company managers and responsible of the communication in planning and delivering training to students so to better match their expectations as far as the company website and the management of the social media is concerned
  • Motivate VET students at risk of dropping out, by providing them with enhanced Work Based Learning methods and tools based on the full exploitation of in person and virtual traineeships using ICT and multimedia.
  • Improve the internationalization of the VET training offer through the exploitation of ICT in order to match the needs of the companies and the expectations of the trainees when organising transnational apprenticeships.
Target Groups
The project addresses the needs of:
  • VET Trainers
  • VET students
  • Companies’ manager
The project activities will be organized in the following phases:

Phase 1 - Repository of e-learning video lessons and interviews
The project partners will produce Repository of e-learning video lessons and interviews, delivered by company managers and professionals according to a Work based learning approach, to provide VET students that want to become web designers and/or social media managers with an innovative ICT based training offer for better understanding the expectations of the market and of the companies.

Phase 2 – International Internships promotion
The project partners will cooperate to create a Virtual Platform for Virtual Internships hosted within a dedicated section on to the WBL 2.0 portal providing accessibility to:
  • Profiles of companies interested in developing/improving their company website and/or implement social media marketing strategy and that are willing for the purpose to host a transnational internship.
  • Profiles of students that are interested to carry out their placement at international level through a mobility internship experience.
  • Monitoring and assessment tools through which VET providers, companies and students can monitor, assess and validate the internship experiences.

Phase 3 – Guidelines for the organisation of international internships
The project partners will cooperatively produce Guidelines for improving the quality and effectiveness of international placements.
The Guidelines’ package will identify and mainstream innovative successful strategies to ensure that work placements in the web design and social media market reflect the needs and expectations of the business world and the needs and expectations of the VET students and VET providers.

Phase 4 - Multiplier events
A number of multiplier events will be organized to disseminate the results reached, methodology implemented and output produced in the WBL 2.0 project.
The participants in the multiplier events will be: VET trainers and company managers.

Expected Results
The project will achieve the following long term results

  • VET trainers teaching web design and social media marketing related programs will acquire skills and competences:
  • To adopt innovative work based learning teaching methods for enriching their classroom lessons with e-learning materials to facilitate students understanding of what are companies expectations in real life business scenarios.
  • To motivate their students to finish their VET training paths, by providing them with a more tangible and practical learning approach
  • To implement effective alternance between training and work through transnational apprenticeships and to establish fruitful cooperation with companies for organising international and virtual placements
  • VET students will:
  • Acquire specific knowledge, competences and skills in the fields of the latest trends in web designing and implementation
  • Understand the potential of the use of Social media for promotional and customer services purposes coming directly from the market
  • Raise their awareness on the importance that companies give in the selection of their human resources both to the technical and professional skills to perform the specific task, and to the basic and transversal skills that can be acquired only by completing VET education
  • Access to guidance materials for their effective participation to transnational apprenticeships experiences
  • Get in contact with European companies of the sector in order to carry out transnational apprenticeships virtual or in person and also experimenting forms of teleworking
COMPANIES managers and will benefit by reinforcing their participation to the definition of VET training contents addressed to their future workforce, making sure that VET students get trained to be prepared to match their needs of human resources.
Also companies will benefit from the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of apprenticeships that can be highly beneficial for their productivity.
  • The main project deliverables include:
  • Repository of e-learning interviews and success stories
  • Real life business learning scenarios
  • Operative tools and guidelines for the organisation of international placement

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.